Decorating And Aesthetics: Add Value To Fixer Uppers

You’re done with the hard stuff. Walls have been knocked out and new ones have been installed, the floors have been refinished and the electricals have been rewired. Now instead of the near-dilapidated state of your fixer-upper when you first laid eyes on it, stands a structurally-sound, functioning shell of a house.

To increase the resale value of your .........


fixer-upper project, you need to bring in that “something” that will make a buyer out

of someone who’s just looking around. You need that something that will make your fixer-upper a place that will make people

want to live in it the very first time they step through the front door.

In a nutshell, you now need to consider the aesthetics of your house.

Things like decorating and finishing touches may seem like fluff to some. The right kind and amount of “fluff” can bring in

as much as an extra $2000 to $5000 when done right. So If you're in this fixer-upper project with the intentions of making

a profit you can't afford NOT to decorate the house.

Ask around and you will find that staging has become an important aspect in selling property. Staging is basically setting

a scene in the house using decorations (furniture, treatments, art) to accentuate how great the house is. In other words,

by putting personal touches on the place, you are showing potential buyers a picture of how this house can be their

potential home. The easier you make it for the buyers to see the house’s potential, the more likely they will pay good


Since you will be fielding a wide range of buyers, it is best to keep your decorating style neutral and functional.

Decorating with the intention of selling entails being conservative, particularly with colors. Of course you don’t have to

stick to boring white for the walls, but instead of eggyolk yellow, you might want to stick to taupe or blue gray. These

colors bring warmth while conveying elegance at the same time.

If you don't have a knack for this kind of thing, consider hiring a professional to dress up the house. If you are just

starting out with your fixer project, you should work this into your budget. While renovating plays a huge part in your

fixer upper project, getting the best value for your efforts will entail going the extra mile to demonstrate just how great

the house is. You will find this simple measure will further increase the return on your investment.

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